Our Brand Story

The story of our brand TOBAGO began with the search for the  good and sustainable textiles.

We discovered the checkered cotton cloth for our model Montauk in North Rhine-Westphalia where the fabric is handcrafted on historical weaving looms.

The traditionally waxed and water-repellent textiles and linings we use for the bag models Macao, Great Barrier, Barrier and Nancy is sourced from weaving mills in England with a tradition that reaches back to the eighteenth century.

The careful selection of the textiles and the time invested in the manufacturing and design of our bags makes our products both a visual and a sensory experience.
Those who are familiar with items made of waxed cotton know about the durability created through the refinement process and the natural patina that develops over time.
TOBAGO combines quality and tradition with sensuality and contemporary design. The bags are functional yet conveniently crafted. The aluminium adjusters and the colorful accents are uniquely created for the brand.

Because a responsible handling of resources is essential to us, we concentrate on a short production chain and avoid unnecessary use of synthetic materials. To minimize material consumption, we employ smart and efficient cutting patterns. The outer and inner fabrics are 100% cotton. We are offering a fine and robust alternative to leather and synthetic fibers with our waxed cotton products.
TOBAGO bags are solely produced in Germany. We source the bag zippers from a high-quality supplier in Italy. To meet our own standards, we took on the development of the adjusters and created a lightweight unique anodized adjuster in black and in light gold – adding another pretty detail and distinguishing feature to our bags.

TOBAGO was founded in 2017 by Jan-Marc Stührmann and since then the brand has been developed in cooperation with the Munich-based designer Arwed Guderian.